The benefits of using a moving company

If you are a business owner that sells food to schools or stores, your trucks are always on the road, going from one state to the other transporting your item to their destination. This is a huge industry, hauling goods all over the place. You will always see a truck on the road. They say there is a semi for ever 12 vehicles on the road today; Wow! That is a lot of trucks.

What happens if one of your trucks breaks down and you need to get a load to a business ASAP? They have big trucks that you can rent, but how will you get the other truck back to the yard to get it fixed and at the same time get the load to the business?

In this article, we will go over what Removals Northampton can do for you.

Use one of their trucks

They can send a staff member out to where you are and unhitch the trailer from the truck that broke down and hook up with the other truck and get your load where it needs to be dropped off at.
This way, your driver can stay behind and get the other truck where it needs to be dropped off to be fixed.


Most big company’s don’t own their trucks, they just lease them. The beautiful thing about leasing your trucks is, the company that you are leasing them from will be the one to do all the up keep like oil change, tires, and anything that has to do with the operation of the truck. That can save you a lot of money; these big rigs cost a lot of money to keep on the road.

Moving to another home

If you have a CDL, you can also rent one of these trucks to move your belongings to another location. The only thing you will have to do is show that you carry a valid CDL and have a current medical card on you. You will have to show proof of auto insurance on your own car or truck so they know that you have insurance. They will ask you to purchase some insurance from them, so the semi truck that you are renting is covered on both, their insurance and your own.…